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Monday, April 23, 2012

I got the grass mowed- finally-

or at least the front yard mowed so the neighbors can't be calling the city complaining... I had a long weekend and in spite of my (still) broken foot, I managed to get some work done at home and at church. And I only set the church grounds on fire once with my new weedkilling flamethrower tool. Fortunately I got a couple buckets of water carried out in time to extinguish the flames and prevent any damage to the building. And since I still need to dig up & repair and replace the damaged water valve, it was a good thing that I could get into the building quickly.

I did NOT get any work done on the motorcycle or check out the sprinkler systems at the house. With everything that needs doing, there is no telling how soon the 2-wheelers will be ready for riding but hopefully I can get to them soon.

There's also been a death in the family, my brother Pete's fiance and long-time girlfriend succumbed on Friday morning so there have been plenty of phone calls going around. Services are Wednesday, Brother Mark will be officiating and Dad and Brother Tim are driving up to Ohio from Florida. I've spoken to Pete but own't be making the trip to Ohio.

My foot is still broken. I hobbled all weekend and finally saw the Doc again today and he hooked me up with an even more restrictive boot that is causing me a great deal of pain this afternoon. But I better wear the boot until the bone heals or I'll be cursing it the rest of my life while it never heals properly.

So it has been a pretty somber weekend...

Friday, April 13, 2012

An open letter to Mitt Romney

Can I make a suggestion for your VP pick, please? I have read that you are looking at, (or at least there are some folks acting interested) in the position that are current state governors. I recognize that picking a popular governor brings in that state's votes and that is a valid interest. I think I have a better idea.

This country has been picked to pieces outside our shores under Barry's ship of state and I believe your candidacy can be significantly improved if we bring in a VP that not only has respected foreign experience but would also be recognized as a conservative in this country. And truth be told, you need a little more conservative bones with the Republicans. You can score the women's vote and steal a portion of the African-American vote from the current administration by following this simple advice-

Pick Condolezza Rice as your VP candidate. You won't be sorry. She would make the you a shoe-in into the White House, bring more Republicans into the House & Senate and restore the United State's honor around the world.

Trust me on this one. Really.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Need a reason to NOT re-elect the current president?

This is all you need to consider- Supreme Court Justice Eric Holder.

Stolen from Kevin at The Smallest Minority.

Pretty damm scary, huh?

Sunday, April 01, 2012

I suppose it's only fair-

to explain my absence from the blogging world for the past couple weeks. I've been busy, or hurt or car shopping and the muse has just not been with me. So I haven't been writing.

A month ago I was involved in a car accident after work. Another driver turned left across 2 stopped lanes of traffic and crossed in front of me. I couldn't get the CTS stopped in time and ran into the side of the other car. Sadly, the insurance company totaled my beautiful Cadillac! Painfully, I suffered a badly sprained ankle, (and maybe a broken bone in my foot) that has really slowed me down terribly. I've spent most of the last month resting with my foot propped up, wearing a brace, using my cane and moping because I can't be out in the shop working on the motorcycle. My foot was swollen badly and black and blue from my toes to my shin and I am just now figuring out that maybe there's a broken bone causing me grief that I couldn't determine through the swelling.

We car hunted pretty hard after the Cadillac was paid off and this time the BSU wanted to go small and fuel efficient. We looked up and down the Wasatch Front and I searched the KSL classifieds and we eventually purchased a Scion Xa Ours doesn't have pretty alloy wheels on it like the photo at the link but that's what the car looks like. It's extremely clean and well cared for and after the first tank of gas it got 34.1 mpg.

So Spring is springing and I'm just barely able to get outside and begin the cleanup. I did get a little bit of raking done yesterday and I am awaiting the brown truck of happiness to deliver more motorcycle parts this week so possibly I'll be able to get out to the shop if my foot tolerates it. In the mean time, I'll keep limping around and whining!

Explain this to me...

Here at Wasted Electrons World Headquarters, the BSU and I have had numerous conversations about the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman headlines and stories that have flooded the news media for the past couple weeks. Myself, I think the story hasn't all been disclosed and that eventually the story will be told and those race-baiting activists will seek out another camera to get their face in front of. I'm apalled at the outrage over 1 unfortunate circumstance that turns into a national outrage and especially disgusted by the calls for Mr. Zimmerman's arrest, alive or dead by the New Black Panther Party.

But here's the rub for me- aren't all lives precious and worthy of outrage when taken too soon? Even those people that choose hoodies as their method of keeping warm? If that's true, and it is true for me, then why has Barry not gone public and said one of the people listed in this story would look like his son, if he had a son? Will the president say about this murder in his adopted hometown "All of us as Americans are going to take this with the seriousness it deserves." Could the lack of concern by the president, this congress critter who represents the wounded, killed and the shooters, be indicitive of the real agendas of the officials? Would the story of dead and injured young people in Chicago be different if they weren't (presumably) all the same color?

Somehow I doubt it.

I especially find the activism of the likes of Al Sharpton, (aawk, spit!) calling out George Zimmerman as a white man killing a black youth as ridiculous since Mr. Zimmerman is as equally a white man as is the current president. And nobody thinks he's a white man, right?

UPDATE: Since so much of this story revolves around Trayvon Martin wearing a hoodie and there have been hoodie rallies around the country and even worn on the floor of the house of Congress this week, (see link above), maybe we all need to review a Homeland Security public awareness video describing terrorists wearing hoodies.